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Dolly Low Bed Trailers

Luyi drawing bar dolly low bed trailers is widely used to machinery transport, the semi trailer is produced by heavy duty and extra durability designed I beam; opting for high tensile Q345, welded by automatic submerged-Arc processes. Greatly promote the trtrailer strong and stability. Drawing bar dolly low bed full trailer generally consists of frame, body, traction device, steering device, suspension, walking system, braking system, signal system, etc.

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Product Features

1. Wheel axle automatic swing adjustment type, concave and convex ground to ensure the level of the board surface and the tire force is balanced.
2. The upper wing surfaces of the straight beam frame side members are straight.
3. Flat floor of trailer cargo platform, simple manufacturing process.
4. Ground clearance is generally high, and vertical passage is good.
5. The main beam, support beam and side beam of the frame are welded parts with box-shaped cross-sections, and have large torsional rigidity.

After Sales Service

Quality Guarantee
– All spare parts are from famous brand or your Customized.
– All spare parts are testing before assembly.
– High quality automatic and manual welding.
– Quality control supervisor do inspection before delivery.
– Acceptance for third party inspection.

Why Choose Our Low Bed Trailer?

Luyi adopts international advanced product design and process technology, telescopic extendable low bed , excavator transport low bed semi-trailers, wind power equipment transport low bed trailers, two-line four-axis low bed trailer , three-line six-axle low bed trailer, hydraulic ladder low bed trailer, hydraulic steering power module vehicles. Luyi special trailers can be customized according to customer needs.
For large equipment transportation, Luyi Vehicle has successfully developed longitudinally extending low-slab semi-trailers, power goosenecks, multi-axis hydraulic low bed -semi-trailers, Four-pull slider lifting semi-trailer, concave semi-trailer axle, 20-100T low bed and super low flat semi-trailer series, container semi-trailer series, car transporter series, 10-50T multi-function transport semi-trailer series, 80- 1500T or more splicable cargo platform can lift heavy trailers, tank, van, dump and other special vehicles.