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Tri-Axle Grain Transportation Semi-Trailer
- 2020-05-13 -

Like all kinds of semi-trailer manufacturers, we supply the grain transport semi-trailer options for different loading capacity.

The self-loading and unloading grain transporter are also called bulk grain transporter. The self-loading and unloading grain transporter, referred to as the grain cart, is a special type of closed-type grain compartment, high-pressure fan, and hydraulic lifting mechanism, which is added to the chassis of the second-class truck The device is converted. Simple structure, reliable performance, convenient operation, no pollution to food, etc. The main advantages of this product are that it can transport rice, wheat, soybeans, corn, sorghum, rapeseed, sesame, peanuts, etc. It is not super wide or super high, does not drop the package, can prevent theft, can save multiple packaging procedures and loading and unloading costs, reduce loading and unloading strength, and is not affected by the external environment and climatic conditions, and greatly improves safety. It is an indispensable transportation tool for the grain sector, grain processing plants, and flour processing plants.

The table includes a grain transportation trailer specification, dimensions, height, axle, tire, parts, and weight.